Monday, October 12, 2009

memories of you...

Few months have passed...
Sweet and sour we went through it all... There are more to come... But still, I want to make it to the best...
Together we get things done... U have become a part of my life's story...

The story line goes like this,

From the very first we didnt knew each other...

Then we became closer to friends and followed by pet sis n bro...

U treated me well...

Through promises, we changed to suit each other...

We turned to couple... High and low, we endure it together...

That's what we call LOVE!

These are a few random pictures which means alot to me tho it might not mean anything to anyone else =)

That day as I was having my practical class, I received this via mms... It was written there "my backside very itchy"... Ok I thought he was experiencing real itch at his ass... Haha... A quote for u, "laugh my ass off"... Then, I wonder............. *he gave me a surprise on that day* that was y his butt was "itchy". It means, its hard for him to hold it long as a surprise and itchy ass made him wanna reveal it fast.

NINO NINO~~ rescue is here~~
I know this sounds silly... But I love your style of portrait-ing it baby... sampat baby
That day the traffic was slow and so i texted him to update him with the traffic... So this cow was what he sent to me to rescue me out of the heavy traffic XD Errrrrrr.... A farting cow I would say. Puttttt~~~

This picture was taken by him... I love u too...

To those who are close n knows me well, I am well known for snoopy freak. Alright I know this may sound kiddy... But this is who I am...
This special hand made snoopster lantern was made by him to me... Ahhhhh! BB, bright and beautifull~~~
It accompanied me during mid autumn festive... Thank you...

Last but not least, this is who I have been mentioning all the while...
The "him"... Haha.


Saturday, October 3, 2009

too tired to be true

After exam, of cos Holiday.. Thought I would have plenty of time spent on blog but I am wrong...

The week right after exam, Family and I went back to hometown... Why is it so? Celebrate grandma's 80th birthday!!

I would say that the event was the best I have ever seen in my whole life... I shall say it was way too grand. The whole family tree picture was snapped infront of the Hotel where the celebration was held.. Most precious picture ever~~ Grandma is my lovely ah ma that I love n treasure most... I was too happy to be there to witnessed the special event held for her =) almost teared as well... I am so proud of u!

After hometown we all headed to Damai Laut and Penang Island for vacation... Stayed in two diff hotels continuously... Tiring! But worth it... Enjoyed tho... I would say that this trip back to hometown was one of the best I had!

Elder sis flew all the way from Dublin back to Malaysia just to attend the celebration.. It was great to have her back... With her laughters and all that made the house more cheerful.. Haha... But now she is back in Dublin again due to her overload work there. I miss u sis...

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A moment of silence,




Grieving, crying, tears drop on the floor.........

A guy whoz aged 30, whoz a very fillial son, who always calls back home everynight right after work just to check on his mom if she is at home and safe "ma...where r u?i will be back now yeah"
Altho they both used to lived under one roof, he was just someone so perfect, so nice... A very soft hearted person indeed.
How could God take his life at this stage of his? When he is not even married and haven't endure the life that others must go through.. At least by then, his life would be more to complete.

It was 6am in the morning when he received a call saying that his auntie passed away... And so, he rushed to the place her body is placed. When he got there, it was actually a FALSE ALARM!

His aunt was only in a critical situation whereby she might just leave this realm anytime... she belum mati punya...

Ok fine... Just right after that, he called his mom to inform her regarding this matter.. "ma, do u know aunt shanty's condition?"
His mom replied YES... He told her that he was rushing from the hospital back to his house to pick his mom... While driving, rushing, speeding (maybe)........ BOOOOOOOM!

An unexpected accident... He died on the spot! His car overturned 3 times and knocked hard at the bus stop's divider. The bus stop along Jalan Puchong. SIGH~~~ I do think that everything that occured is fated...
Don't u think that life is always unfair?????

Sad~~~ Pity his mom (my ex baby sitter) they are like a part of my family...
Last year her hubby just passed away.. This year her own son... What is all these???

Conclusion, live life to the fullest n simplest as life is always so unpredictable.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

MANU glory~~~

AHHH....... GOAL~~~!!!!

That was what that made the whole stadium so lively..
Just imagine, everyone was there that has the same interest as us, all wearing the same football team shirt, all that have the same hobby and taste~~

18 July 09, a day to be remembered...

It's not so easy to actually see them live.. Even if so, once in a few years.. How long more would I have such opportunity?

It was a blast man.. Though I kinda wanted to fall asleep during a few moments during the match.. Told myself not to as it will only waste $$

The score was only 3-2.. Nothing to proud or ashame of... Since it was just a friendly match..
Wonder, Owen is now playing for the team which used to be his opponent team..
Such a drastic change like that, there is always good and bad.. I do think that his performance somehow rather deteriorate already.
Proven: guys tummy gets bloated as they grow older...

Overall, I enjoyed.. Yo~~ thanks to my cousin bro.....

Sunday, July 26, 2009

No time for this..

Assignments have been occupying me..
For now, I will just leave this blog as it is..
Updates coming up.. Just in a week more~~

What are those?
Secret for now... Publicize later XD

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Since today is a special day, decided to dedicate this to DADDY..

Happy Father's Day!!

Last night already had dinner for daddy at bdr puteri..
Today, at SS2
Total, 2 meals!! *burpppp*

U will always be my number 1 hero daddy...

I am sure he liked what we treated him.. I can see the smile =) on his face XD

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


The person who tagged you is:
Susu and NieNie

Your relationship with him/her is:
They both so happened to be from "lame family".. Friends?

Your first impression of him/her is:
Wahh.. both also from Dave gang, better don't step on their tails

The most memorable moments with he/she is:
When he always buy me keropok lekor (susu), msn chat (nie)

The most memorable thing she/he has said to you is:
You are caring (susu), cheer up! (nie)

If she/he becomes your lover:
There is no IF.. It's either Yes or No.. Answer is NO..

If he/she becomes your lover, what he/she should improve that:
Just be yourself =) just be what you are comfortable at..

If he/she becomes your enemy, what will you do:
Forgive and forget la.. Enemy for what..

If he/she becomes your enemy, the reason will be:
This one, I think no one could answer this.. Haha...

Your overall impression on him/ her is:
Happy go lucky.. Always trying to make others laugh over his jokes (susu), Always emo, worst thing is, she said that is her hobby somemore XD (nie)

The characteristic you hate most bout yourself:
Lazy pig..

The most ideal person you want to be is:
Vege aka Happy

For people who care and love you, say something to them:
Who will that be? You? Haha.. I appreciate a lil bit that you all did for me.. Thanks.